International Business Resources/Negocios Internacionales
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Remedios Gómez Arnaú
2600 Apple Valley Rd,
Atlanta, GA 30319
Tel: (404) 266-2233

The U.S. Agency for International Development is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has field offices in many of the countries where we have programs.

With headquarters in Washington, D.C., USAID's strength is its field offices around the world. We work in close partnership with private voluntary organizations, indigenous organizations, universities, American businesses, international agencies, other governments, and other U.S. government agencies. USAID has working relationships with more than 3,500 American companies and over 300 U.S.-based private voluntary organizations.
David Tiller, Export Counselor
50 Vantage Way, Suite 201
Nashville, TN 37228
Ph: 615-736-5881   Fax: 615-736-7423
The U.S. Small Business Administration is an independent federal agency created by Congress to aid, counsel and protect the interests of small businesses. The SBA provides some export counseling and offers a variety of export loans, including the Export Working Capital Program, which is designed to help small businesses finance the sales of their products and services to overseas markets.
The U.S. Customs Service office administers the assessment of duties, taxes, tariffs and fees on goods imported into the U.S. and checks all departing goods for proper documentation. in addition, customs offices are valuable sources of information about export and import regulations.

John Butler, Vice President International Business
Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce
211 Commerce Street, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37201
Ph: 615-743-3061    Fax: 615-256-0393
The International Business Council (IBC) of the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce provides program support, communication links, and business-to-business networking opportunities to facilitate international trade activities. The IBC is comprised of members who have an interest in international business. The Council's mission is to enhance economic growth by supporting businesses serving international markets.

Patrick Spence, International Trade Specialist
International Trade Center - TSBDC
312 8th Avenue North, 10th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
Ph: 615-418-8384    Fax: 615-736-2226
The International Trade Centers are an additional service of the Tennessee Small Business Development Center network, and the state's primary consulting and technical assistance providers for small and medium-sized businesses. The ITC's mission is to work with companies that are new to exporting, offering individual counseling on market opportunities and export procedures. The counseling services cover the following:
  • Evaluating a company's potential
  • Market research
  • Market entry strategies
  • Export techniques and procedures
  • Marketing opportunities

Export-Import Bank of the United States
Patrick Crilley, Regional Manager
1880 S. Dairy Ashford II, Suite 585
Houston, TX 77077
Ph: 281-721-0468 Fax: 281-679-0156
Ex-Im Bank is a U.S. government agency that facilitates the export financing of U.S. goods and services through several major finance programs, including loans, guarantees, working capital guarantees, and credit insurance.

Joe Gaines, Assistant Commissioner
Ellington Agricultural Center
P.O. Box 40627
Nashville, TN 37204
Ph: 615-837-5160    Fax: 615-837-5194
Assists Tennessee farmers and agricultural businesspeople to identify market opportunities for the export of Tennessee agricultural products by:
  • Hosting buyer visits from abroad
  • Participating in trade shows and sales missions to key markets
  • identify foreign import requirements and obtaining documentation

Dean Peterson, Director
U.S. Department of Commerce
Nashville Export Assistance Center
312 8th Ave. North, 10th Floor
Nashville, TN 37243
Ph: 615-736-2223    Fax: 615-736-2226
The U.S. and Foreign Commercial Service was established in 1980 by Congressional mandate to promote U.S. commercial interests abroad. U.S. & FCS has trade specialists and overseas commercial officers in 100 U.S. offices and over 150 foreign locations offering individual counseling and programs to American business interested in exporting. The U.S. Department of Commerce Export Assistance Centers and overseas officers in U.S. Embassies and Consulates work together to provide such services as:

  • Gathering detailed market research tailored to individual needs
  • Promoting U.S. products in the worldwide publication Commercial News USA
  • Organizing trade mission groups, business visitors and industry seminars to bring U.S. sellers and foreign buyers together
  • Searching for overseas buyers, agents, and distributors and contacting them upon request
Knoxville Export Assistance Center
U.S. Department of Commerce
Robert Leach, Director
Centre for Global Enterprise
601 West Summit Hill Drive, Suite 300
Knoxville, TN 37902-2011
Ph: 423-545-4637   Fax: 545-4435

Memphis Export Assistance Center
U.S. Department of Commerce
David Spann, Director
22 N. Front Street, Suite 200
Memphis, TN 38103
Ph: 901-544-0930    Fax: 901-543-3510

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