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Good Health for Kids! - Buena Salud Para Ninos!

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Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce presents Special Recognition to Good Health for Kids!/Buena Salud Para Niņos! 

The Nashville Area Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is proud to present a Special Recognition to Buena Salud Media Inc. for the launching of the new bilingual publication "Good Health for Kids!/Buena Salud Para Niņos!


When:  May 24th , 2007


Where: Author's Corner in the Bellevue Center Mall, 7620 Highway 70 S, Nashville.(Author’s Corner is located on the upper level in the Dillard’s wing).


Time: 5:00 PM

You’re invited to a mixer introducing Buena Salud Media, Inc. and their new publication (available in June 2007), Good Health for Kids!/Buena Salud para niņos!

The magazine is a monthly family-friendly publication that reaches out to both adults and children with timely, relevant content that encourages parents to talk with their kids about health and safety issues.  It is free to the public and will be available at over 300 locations throughout Nashville and the surrounding area.  Completely bilingual, the magazine is a terrific teaching tool for learning either Spanish or English.  Their mission is to provide health and safety tips to a multicultural community and to promote bilingual comprehension of information relevant to our neighborhoods.

The magazine is a publication of Buena Salud Media, Inc. a Tennessee corporation with its principal office in the Bellevue area of Nashville. The company began as a joint concept between an Argentinean marketing specialist and employees of the Westview Publishing Co., Inc.  The premiere issue was published in co-operation with the Westview Newspaper.  Buena Salud Media, Inc. is a member of the Nashville Hispanic Council, the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce, and the Bellevue Exchange Club.

Monica Haendel Gitter is President of Buena Salud Media, Inc.  A native of Buenos Aires, Argentina, she has been involved at a top management level with an Argentinean company, Radix SRL, for over twenty years. The products she has represented have been sold worldwide, including in Canada, United States, Singapore, Colombia, Taiwan, Australia, France, Italy, Holland, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Japan.  She has worked with a wide range of clients, from small independent businesses to some of the largest trading companies in the world, such as Sumitomo Corporation.

Monica’s education is in International Business and she is a graduate of the Fundacion BankBoston Instituto para el Desarrollo de Consorcios de Exportacion and Instituto de Comercio Internacional.  She has participated in numerous international trade shows, including the Salon International de I'alimentaion (Paris, France: 1992 through 2004), Anuga (Cologne, Germany: 1991 through 2003), Apimodia (Switzerland, South Africa, Slovenia), SIAL Mercosur (Argentina, Brazil) and Produce Marketing International (San Diego, Denver).

The mixer will be held on Thursday, May 24 from 5:00 pm until 7:00 pm at Author’s Corner in the Bellevue Center Mall, 7620 Highway 70 S, Nashville.  Author’s Corner is located on the upper level in the Dillard’s wing.  The Bellevue Chamber of Commerce and the Bellevue Exchange Club are also invited.  There will be wine and soft drinks, light refreshments, and door prizes, including a $50.00 gift certificate to Sperry’s (compliments of NovaCopy).  All are invited and the dress is casual.

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